Player's Guide


  1. First of all!
  2. Adopt a Dino
  3. Give your Dino a name
  4. The Dino's Sheet
  5. Moving around Dinoland
  6. The Combat
  7. Looking after him
  8. Experience
  9. Participation in the Tournaments
  10. Collection Items
  11. The Effects
  12. The Clans
    1. The Wars
    2. War Points
    3. Alliances
    4. The ranking
  13. The Market Bonds
  14. Frequent Questions
  15. And if I make a mistake?

First of all

If you feel lost in the web site, you can find this guide using the link on the left.

Help is available in many places if you place the cursor of the mouse on an icon. For example, place your mouse on this image: .

Adopt a Dino

The game starts with 10000 Coins. Each day when you connect to the site, you automatically win 200 Coins. With the coins you can buy Dino and also buy items from the shop. For example, there are items that enable you to take care of or resurrect a wounded or dead Dino. Therefore, make good use of your coins and try not to spend them all at once!

The first thing you buy will be a Dino. Click on the link indicated on the menu on the left Buy a Dino. You can choose from several Dino. Choose the one you want, or continue reading the guide to help you with your choice.

There are different races of Dinos, more or less rare and therefore more or less expensive. Remember that you can have several Dinos at the same time!

Give your Dino a name

Once you adopt him, a link asks you to choose your Dino's name. Click on him to get access to a form. Here you select your Dino's name. Be careful, because it cannot be changed in the future.

The Dino's sheet

Let's open up your Dino's Sheet. Every Dino has his own sheet with all the important information about him, which also allows you to take any action over him.

Left side

First of all, on the upper left hand side, you can see the picture of your Dino. Just under this, you have very important information. Here you have a complete list:

  • Race: This is your Dino's race.
  • Life: This line represents your Dino's life. An indicator next to it gives you this value in percentage.

    It's important to keep your Dino in good health. A low life level makes him vulnerable to attacks. A Dino with 0% of life is considered dead, so it can't carry out any more actions! We'll see later on, how to look after and resurrect your Dino.
  • Level: A Dino's level corresponds to his power. Therefore, each time a Dino reaches a level, he can increase one of his skills as well as one of his elements. The level enables you to compare yourself to other Dino and evaluate an opponent's potential.
  • Next: A Dino's experience corresponds to his progress to the new Level. In each fight and with certain actions, your Dino obtains a certain number of experience. Once he reaches 100%, you can go up a level.
  • Danger: Your Dino's Danger Level shows his possibilities of being attacked by another Dino. The higher the level of danger, the more possibilities your Dino has of being attacked.
    • But remember! You cannot keep your Dino totally safe from attacks even though you have a very low danger level, even negative. This is only a way of helping your Dino hide from his enemies.
    • We'll give you an example: If you have a very low danger level and your Dino is in a place crowded with Dinos of the same level, the possibilities of being attacked are lower than usual. Neverthless, if you are in an empty place and your Dino is the only one that has his level, even with a very low danger level, he will be easy to find by an enemy of the same level.
  • Bonus / Malus: These are the effects which are currently active (see Effects).

Below the main information, there are five icons and associated names which are very important. These are your elements. We'll see what these elements are for in the Fight section, and how to increase them thanks to Experience.

Under the elements, you'll find the list of your Skills as well as your level. We'll see what the skills are for and how to develop them and learn other new ones thanks to Experience.

Right side

Up on the right of your Dino's sheet, you can see his current position in the world of Dinoland. The name of the place is accompanied by an illustration and a description.

The bottom square includes the different actions that your Dino can do. Keep the cursor of the mouse over one of the actions to get help. Click to validate an action or to obtain more information.

Now we're going to talk about the main actions available to your Dino.

Moving around Dinoland

Your Dino has a vast world to explore. Discover new places which allow you to find new possibilities and to make interesting discoveries. To move your Dino, you only have to choose the option Moving available among the different actions. Attention! each one of your Dino can only move once a day.

Once the action Move is selected, choose the place where you want to go on the map of Dinoland. Some places are only accessible thanks to certain actions but you usually need to fulfil certain conditions.

The Combat

The combat is an essential part of Dinoparc. It's essential to master it to make sure of victory and avoid losing life.

Your Dino can't fight more than once a day. According to his indicator of Danger he can be attacked either several times a day or not at all.


A fight can be developed in different conditions:

  • A first case is when your Dino attacks, thanks to a Fight Action

    You can't attack other Dino who are very strong, very weak or who have a level of Danger which is very low compared to that of your other Dino

  • A second case is when one of your Dino is attacked by another player in your absence
  • A third case is when you participate in a tournament

Whatever the conditions of a fight, it is developed in the same way and always with the same rules. A fight is carried out in three phases. In each phase, an element is chosen by each of the two Dino. It's therefore very important to know the system of the elements (described here below).

Throughout each phase, the element chosen by your Dino is confronted by the element chosen by the opposing Dino. The winner gets points and the sum of these points at the end of the fight decides the winner.

The elements

There are five elements, which are:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Thunder
  • Air

They are organized in the following circle, called the Great Cycle of the elements:

Each element is strong against the two which follow it and weak against the two which precede it.

In this way, Thunder is strong against Air and Fire , but is weak against Earth and Water .

It's important to remember the order of the elements when you choose an opponent. Important information appears: the main element of the opposing Dino. If you use this information well, your possibilities of winning significantly increase.

Remember to consult the icon every time you want to start a fight

The phases

The most important things in each phase of the fight are the best elements of each of the two Dino opponents. Each phase is won or lost according to the relation between the elements, the level of each Dino with its own element and a slight factor of luck. The loser of each phase loses life and the winner gains points. The sum of points at the end of the game decides the winner.

In the case of two elements having the same value, the element selected is chosen at random. Beware of unpleasant surprises!

End of the fight

Once the fight has finalized, a summary shows the experience and the gold coins which your Dino has won. Thanks to the coins you can cure his wounds.


As we have said, it's important to keep your Dino in good health and in this way, maintain his level of Life. In the fights the Dino lose more or less life, so they need to be healed.

Where and how?

To heal a Dino, there's nothing simpler: click on the link Shop from the menu on the left. In the Dinoland shop, there are many potions and other products which enable your Dino to increase Life. To find out about the effect of each item, keep the cursor of the mouse over the corresponding button Help. Once you have bought the item, you can use it by going to your Inventory.

Dead Dino

When your Dino reaches 0% Life, he is considered dead. The only item which can cure a dead Dino is the Angel Potion. Made up of special ingredients, this potion is more expensive than the others. All the more reason to take care of your Dino!

Another possibility is resurrecting your Dino. However, with this option, he will lose the experience that he has at his present level (that is to say, he will lose the experience that he has accumulated to go up a level but he keeps the level reached) and he will automatically go back to Dinotown.


At the end of each fight, no matter whether you win or lose the fight, you gain experience and the indicator Next goes up. When it reaches 100% it will ask you to increase your Dino's level. This increase is accompanied by the choice of a skill, either increasing it or learning it.

Each skill has three characteristics: a level of mastery, an element and an effect. The level of mastery of a skill is represented by a certain number of stars. This can be between 0 (skill not yet learnt) and 5 (skill perfectly mastered). Each skill has a specific effect. You can get its description by placing the cursor over the button Help when you choose a skill on going up a level. Normally, increasing your skills also enables you to increase their effects.

Besides, each skill has an associated element. This means that increasing the level of mastery over this skill will also increase, by a point, the level of the associated element! Therefore, progressing a level enables you to increase the power of your elements and thus be stronger in Fights. Besides, when you achieve good mastery of some skills (levels 4 and 5), you will be offered new skills to learn. This will enable you to discover new effects.

There are multiple strategies of development for your Dino. You can concentrate on one specific element (for example, Fire) and develop to the maximum the skills which are connected to this element. You can develop your own special strategy by choosing the effect which interests you most. Another strategy consists of developing all the elements on an equal basis , in order to be able to tackle every kind of situation.

Participation in the Tournaments

The objective of the Tournaments is to compare yourself with other Dino in order to decide who is the strongest. So once he has entered for a tournament, your Dino will carry out a few fights, at the usual rate of one a day. He begins with 0 points. Every fight he wins, gets him a supplementary point and each fight lost, loses him a point. The Tournament continues until you decide to abandon it.

To this simple rule we add a second: your Dino can only compete with the other Dino entered into the Tournament who have the same number of points. So, the more points you win, the less opponents are available to start a fight... and they're more powerful! You can abandon the Tournament when you want to, but the next time you want to participate, you will only have 0 points.

Each Tournament gives you the opportunity of winning three medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze. These medals are won automatically when you gain the necessary number of points. Collecting all the medals in all the Dinoland Tournaments is the main objective of every Dino Master who is worth his salt!

Collecting items

The Collection items are shown in the "Collection" section. As the name indicates, it deals with objects which you can collect. They are divided into two categories: the medals, which are the reward you can get from the Tournaments (see above), and the adventure items.

This second category of Collection items can be acquired once you have at your disposition the following actions:

  • Digging: when you have the Digging skill, a new action called "Digging" will become available. It's useful for looking for objects in the different places in Dinoland.
  • Stealing: once you learn this skill, at the end of the fight you'll sometimes have the chance of stealing an item from your opponent's Collection! This way you won't have to dig yourself!

Completing your Collection doesn't give you any special advantages, except for the satisfaction of having found all the mystery objects in Dinoland. Will you succeed in finding them all?

The Effects

Each Dino can have a certain number of Bonus (Good) effects and Malus (Bad) effects. The Bonus effects are beneficial and offer protection or an advantage in combat. The Malus effects are problematical and should be reduced as soon as possible.

Here are some of the Bonus effects:

  • Spells: The spells protect you from the next attack from a specific element. The spell is lost once it has protected your Dino in an attack.
  • Poisoned claws: Poisoned claws have an effect when they make your opponent lose sufficent life.

And some Malus effects:

  • Poison: if he has been poisoned, your Dino loses life every day. To nullify the effect of the poison you have to administer an antidote to him (see the shop).

The Clans

The Clans are groups of players. Belonging to a Clan allows you to speak to other Dinoland players, exchange techniques and ideas and help each other. You can join a Clan or start your own with the menu Clans.

In order to avoid a large number of empty clans, the starting up of a clan is by payment only. To guarantee that the players are motivated and to avoid problems of moderation, joining a clan costs 1000 .

To join a clan, you must first apply for membership. You can make one application for each clan, or you can make several in different clans. Each application will cost you 1000 . At any time, you can cancel an application and the coins will be given back to you. If an application is refused, you will get your coins back. From the moment your application is accepted, the other applications are cancelled and you get back the coins which correspond to your other applications.

Attention! The creator of a Clan can expel you, at any time, if he considers that your attitude is incorrect. Be careful with the messages you send. Under no circumstances, the coins used to join a clan can be returned.

The Wars of the Clans

The Clans challenge each other in the Clan War. In this way, each Clan has a reputation and a number of points in the general ranking. Each Clan has a Totem to which the Clan must pay homage to be able to start a War.

The Totem of the Clan is a protective Divinity. To satisfy it, a certain number of items need to be sacrificed. To hand over the object to the Totem of the Clan, you only have to click on 'Use in' in the Inventory file. All the members of the Clan can participate in the completion of the Totem. To do this, your Dino must learn the Digging skill. This skill is easy to learn. Your Dino can learn this skill when one of the five base skills has reached level 4 (The skills are: Strength, Stamina, Perception, Dexterity, Intelligence).

Once the Digging skill has been learnt, your Dino can use this skill to find elements which enable it to complete the Totem. The higher your Digging level is, the more possibilities you will have of finding rare elements. Therefore, a Digging level of 5 (the maximum) will enable you to find all the elements necessary for the Totem.

When the Totem has been completed, the Creator of the Clan must declare War on an opposing Clan. Once the action has been carried out, the Totem requests a new offering.

A Clan can only be at War against one rival Clan but it can be attacked by various Clans. This information (at War against and attacked by) is shown in the Clan sheet.

Once at War, the Creator of the Clan can abandon the War at any time without penalization. In this case, the Creator can go back to the War again and continue with the same number of points that he had when he stopped the War. However, he must satisfy the demands of the Totem again.

Points of War

To win a War, you must accumulate a certain number of points.

When Clan A attacks Clan B, all the Dino of Clan A can attack the Dino of Clan B whatever their level of Danger and difference in Level. The only condition is that they are in the same place. Remember that if your Clan is attacked, you can't win points. However, if you defend yourself well, you will prevent the enemy Clan from winning points and he could be forced to abandon the War.

Here is a summary of Winning and Losing points:

  • You win a point when you beat an enemy Dino.
  • You lose a point when you are beaten by an enemy Dino.
  • You win two points when you knock out an enemy Dino.
  • You lose two points when your Dino is knocked out by an enemy Dino.
  • You win 10% of the points when you launch a successful Crush Attack, which consists of launching this special attack when all the Dino from your enemy clan are dead or in a tournament (this action is possible every 90 minutes).
  • A war which you have won is cancelled when the clan you fought against, later wins another war against you.

Once your Clan obtains the maximum number of points required, the War is won.

Alliances between clans

You can propose an Alliance to another clan, which can accept or refuse it. Once the Alliance has been accepted, you can get extra points.

The number of possible Alliances is limited by the number of wars won by the clan (except for betrayals) divided by 5. A clan can't have more than 20 Alliances.

These points are calculated from the time passed since the alliance was created and the reputation of the clan you are allied with. After 10 days the Alliance will give you 50% of the reputation of the allied clan. Nevertheless there is a limit: up to 150% of the reputation of the Allied Clan after a maximum of 30 days.

Once the clans are allied, they can't declare a war on each other. Neither can you attack the allies of your allies if the Alliance is still in operation.

An alliance can be cancelled by one of the clans at any time. In this case, both clans will lose the bonus points they got thanks to the Alliance.

After 10 days, the Alliance can be broken and there is a betrayal. In this case, the Clan that has been betrayed obtains the points of a war won without having fought it, just as if it had had won a normal war. Nevertheless a war won by betrayal won't count in the calculation of your reputation. Pay attention to reprisals!

General Ranking

Your Clan's points in the General Ranking are equal to the sum of the reputations of the Clans against which you have won a war, multiplied by your reputation multiplier.

Here, you have your multiplier according to your reputation:

  • Awful under 99: x1
  • Bad from 100 : x2
  • Average from 200 : x3
  • Good from 300 : x4
  • Excellent from 450 : x5
  • The maximum of reputation you can get is 700 .

Therefore, if your Clan A with a reputation of 150 has won two wars against Clans B and C, your points will be calculated with (the Reputation of B + the Reputation of C) x 2. The reputation of a Clan and its points evolve with the passing of time. This is all updated on a daily basis at midnight (GMT +1 Paris/Europe time zone).

If your Clan A loses a war against a Clan B, you only need to win another war against it, so that this defeat can be forgotten. In this case, you will obtain a victory which will have a double effect: it makes Clan B lose points and you win points for your Clan A.

The best method of winning consists of maintaining a good reputation (avoiding defeats or compensating for them) and also winning many wars against Clans with good reputations.

The Quests

New places, mysterious items, rare races, etc. Dinoland is full of secret quests!

Don't hesitate to contact other players by private message or to join a clan to exchange valuable information about Dinoland.

The Market Bonds

You can exchange Dinos with other players, thanks to the Market Bonds.

Use the Market Bonds to sell Dinos or buy them from other players.

To offer an exchange to another player, go to his sheet and click on 'Exchanges'.

Use the messenger service to the best of your ability and your gifts of cunning and intuition to skilfully negotiate the prices.

Remember that you can always exchange the Market Bonds for their value in coins (1000 coins each) in the Inventory section.

The Market Bonds are available for purchase in the Get Coins section

Frequent Questions

  • Is Dinoland a free game?

    Yes, Dinoland is a game where you can play for free. You get coins every day by simply logging in. You can pay for more coins if you want to speed up the progess of the game, but it's not necessary for playing.

  • How can I get more coins?

    Every day, you win 200 . You also win coins in the fights whether you win or lose. Besides, you can use the Bank of Dinoland to get more coins. If you Tell a Friend about Dinoparc you can also get coins.

  • I can't see any images of the Dino or the map, how can I fix this?

    Some users might have problems with visualizing the images. We suggest the following:

    • Use Firefox, a free web browser. Download it at to get the most out of Dinoland and the Internet.
    • Install or update your web browser Flash plugin.
    • Empty your browser's cache.

    For further information about your web browser, see its help section.

  • Can I get Market Bonds in exchange for normal coins ?

    Each player gets free coins each time he/she logs in. We can't permit the conversion of coins into Market Bonds because that would encourage players to create multiaccounts, which are strictly forbidden.

  • My Dino is dying and I haven't got enough coins to buy potions. What can I do?

    The first solution is to get coins from the Bank. Another method consists of not using your Dino to attack. In this way, your Danger Level will be sufficiently low and you will be attacked less frequently. Take advantage of this moment of calm to save up. Connect every day to Dinoland and in this way, little by little, you will have the means to save your Dino.

  • I'm going on holiday, what can I do to prevent my Dino from dying?

    If you can't look after your Dino, this doesn't necessarily mean that it will be attacked in your absence. As it won't show any activity, its Danger Level will be sufficiently low to reduce the possibilities of being attacked. If it's in good health when you leave, it should normally survive with no problems.

  • Can I have several accounts?

    No, it is forbidden for one person to have several accounts. If you want to put your account back to zero so that you can start from scratch, read the following help. However, various members of the same family can create their own account.

  • Can I lend, give or sell my account to another person?

    An account can only be used by the person who opened it. If several persons use the same account, it is considered a multiaccount and all your accounts could be deleted without previous warning.

  • Somebody asks me for the password or codes...

    Whatever the reason, NEVER give your password or the payment codes to anyone. It is possible that certain people want you to believe that they are selling something, which in fact they don't have, when their aim is simply to obtain your password so that they can steal from your account or defraud you. Never be taken in by these people and always inform the Dinoland team about any attempt of fraud (

  • My account has been blocked, why?

    If you restart your account over and over again, or you try to open several accounts (multiaccounts) or similar behaviour, then your account is automatically blocked. This is simply a precautionary measure, which will last several hours. You'll have to wait, but you can get back to the game as usual in a while. The aim of this measure is to protect Dinoland from fradulent use.

  • How can I change my password?

    Go to My account. If you have already registered an email and you want to change it, you must contact the technical support ( and, from the registered email account, proceed to make your request.

  • How can I change my email?

    In the My Account section you can register your email. If you have already registered it, you can't change. If you want to change it, please send an email to the Dinoparc Team (

  • How can I withdraw from Dinoparc?

    If you think that you haven't played well enough and you want to start from scratch, you can put your account back to zero by going to the section My Account situated on the left. You can also withdraw with My Account, which means the immediate and irrevocable cancellation of your user's account.

  • I can't see my Clan

    You might have been expelled from the Clan. Or perhaps, the Clan has been disbanded by its creator. In all of these cases, you have lost your 1000 and you can't get them back. You could try to apply to join another Clan.

  • How long does a Tournament last?

    Tournaments are permanent. For your Dino, a tournament lasts until he abandons it.

And if I make a mistake?

As in any game, anyone can make a mistake. Unfortunately, it's rarely possible to rectify your actions. If at any moment you prefer to start from the beginning, the idea is simple. Go to My account in the menu on the left and select Restart the Game. Be careful! When you Restart the game, you lose all your Dino as well as your Inventory, Coins, and the Collection Items. There is no way of going back, so be very sure of your decision before restarting the game.