Sponsorship: Tell a friend

Why sponsor?

Make everybody discover Dinoparc! You get a bonus of 20% each time your sponsoree buys in the Dinoparc Bank.

For example, if this user buys 10000 , you get a bonus of 2000 (he gets 10000 as a normal purchase).

How to Sponsor?

The simplest way is to ask your sponsoree to type your Dinoparc user name in the Sponsor box in the registration form

Sponsoring by link

Put the Dinoparc link in your website! Anyone that signs up following this link will be directly registered as your sponsoree:

Sponsoring by banner

You can also use a banner. With this, your friends will get direct access to the sponsorship link. Copy and paste this code in your web site HTML code:

It will show the following banner:

You can also use a smaller banner:

Your sponsorees

You don't have any players registered as your sponsoree.